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"Paper Pilgrim: The Crystal Case" is a crazy 3D First Person Puzzle Game in the spirit of a Point & Click Adventure. 

Story & Gameplay

You and your brother have another Detective Case to solve. More and more citizens of the “Crystal City” are disappearing without a trace. 

Experience a strange Adventure and bring the truth to light. Is the pickpocket party involved? Or is it the king with his robotic police force? And what’s up with the cursed swamp? 

Get to the bottom of the case by solving tricky riddles, gaining information from peculiar inhabitants and collecting various items throughout your journey that can open up new doors and ways for you to succeed in your quest!


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Content Warning

  • drugs
  • strong language
  • epilepsy warning

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wheres the game ??!! 

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Where's the game? There's only a soundtrack download.

Had this installed for I don't know how long. Finally played it. Loved it. Followed your dev studio Twitter. Will be looking forward to the final release. Whenever you get a Steam page or whatever up I'll make sure to wishlist it.

Can you send the files please? There's no more download.

will the game files be re-uploaded?

yo I just paid for this then realised the game files are missing from the download :( it's just the soundtrack on there - can you reupload please?

Hey Hey, We had some hacker problems. Do you have Discord? 

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yea understandable I DMd you on twitter didn't wanna post my discord here

Why is the game gone?

This is an awesome game - absolutely brilliant - would be cool to see more tbh. 

this was really good!! looking forward to future updates :))


This game was such a great experience. I'm looking forward to the full version someday. This is part 1 btw


Here's the 2nd video. Overall great game. One of my top 3 indie games of this year so far 


it was great!


Cool game! Looking forward to the full release - took me about ~1 hour!

Deleted 2 years ago

Seems like a local issue no one has reported this. Jump into discord  and we can help you   https://discord.gg/gVn5Y4GVMJ


This is a good game, a little too long for me and I'm not a puzzle person but I like it! I also got on stage in the game to hit a couple of notes, here is my gameplay if u wanna see it


If I had any power at a game publisher I would sign Paper Pilgrim right away cause this prototype is surreal in many ways, all very peasant. The puzzles are nice, the characters are wacky, the world is ripe for exploration & discovery... really great work. Hoping to see a full-fledged game made & released. :)


Happy that you liked it and thanks for the nice video!!!

Any update on development? What's happening in the Paper Pilgrim universe? :)


Currently working a lot on it, you can see more on the Discord ;), but gonna post more  in a few days


really good game, loved the atmosphere!


Super fun game! Loved the style, humor, puzzles, music, all of it. Whole thing is just a wonderful experience! Made a few youtube videos (broken up into 3 parts (part 1 is linked, should be able to find the others either in recommended or just on my channel). Hope you enjoy! 


WOW WOW WOW!!! That's all I can say. Haven't finished the demo but I had WAY TOO MUCH FUN doing an LP on it!!! Great job in this game and I hope this game turns into a full release!!! 


Hey! I thoroughly enjoyed the game! You really did a fantastic job, and the style is mind blowing. I put together a comprehensive game review and posted it on youtube. I hope you enjoy the feedback! Also the wanted poster should say "Wanted: Tinky Tuna, Leader of the Doo clan, wanted for destruction of all nasal passages" That would be a little tribute to our family dog Asuna "Tuna" Doo. lol


One thing, how do implement the scribble effect you use all over your game?


If I had to guess I would say it's cycling through a series of texture files that are all slightly different.


would be one solution, but its just a shader that is distorting the textures ;)


I bet that's less work, lol

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Yep! I started diving and made this. I chose to go with manipulating the vertices. Gives it a very painterly look


Hi Hustla. Firstly, congratulations in doing this game. I had so much fun in playing and recording this for my channel and, you know, we are talking about the Prototype here, I can only imagine in playing the full version, when released. The characters, although seems more sketchy, are charismatic and funny. I loved the soundtrack and the aesthetics of the game. Congrats, you're doing so good on this. Keep it up man!

Thanks a lot!!!


Excellent demo, can't wait for more


This is really cool, been following your work for a while now. Nice job!




amazing game must try beta




Where is the download link?

Not finished yet



super nice looking game, cant wait for more!

Ahahahah ,man this was really funny!! :D  ,  I gonna release another demo in one or two weeks with 20-30 minutes of gameplay. 

Would be awesome if you also play that one too ;)


thank you so much for watching! Im glad you enjoyed my yelling, id love to play your other demos!


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay