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"Paper Pilgrim: The Crystal Case" is a crazy 3D First Person Puzzle Game in the spirit of a Point & Click Adventure. 

Story & Gameplay

You and your brother have another Detective Case to solve. More and more citizens of the “Crystal City” are disappearing without a trace. 

Experience a strange Adventure and bring the truth to light. Is the pickpocket party involved? Or is it the king with his robotic police force? And what’s up with the cursed swamp? 

Get to the bottom of the case by solving tricky riddles, gaining information from peculiar inhabitants and collecting various items throughout your journey that can open up new doors and ways for you to succeed in your quest!


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Content Warning

  • drugs
  • strong language
  • epilepsy warning

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Development log


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Where is the download link?

Not finished yet



super nice looking game, cant wait for more!

Ahahahah ,man this was really funny!! :D  ,  I gonna release another demo in one or two weeks with 20-30 minutes of gameplay. 

Would be awesome if you also play that one too ;)


thank you so much for watching! Im glad you enjoyed my yelling, id love to play your other demos!


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay